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Hi, I’m Leigh Ann Dutton! I write here as the fancy strikes me to start a conversation about the things I’m thinking about, wondering about, and want to talk about regarding the Christian faith. In my house, the table is where we gather, fellowship, and create space for talking about things that matter to us. And this place is my virtual table so pull up a chair and join me! 

I’ve blogged for over a decade, and I still write and publish articles at where I help women get crystal clear on their purpose so they can become the woman of God they were created to be. However, I wanted a space that I could devote to going deeper into the things of God with others regardless of gender, so that’s what you’ll find here – a space where men and women can come and learn and be fed in fellowship and conversation. I highly value human connection and relationships. I long to see the church healthy and unified because I believe we are better together than divided. Plus I believe it’s God’s heart to see us living in unity and making disciples of all the nations. But I think we’ve forgotten the art of conversation and good communication, so here we are. I’m glad you’re here. 

If you want, I’ll be happy to send you an email when something new is posted here so you can join the conversation. Just fill out the form below.