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What I’m Into Right Now

Last updated on December 30, 2023

Reading: I have several books going on right now. First, and foremost, I’ve restarted the Harry Potter series and am currently enjoying Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I’m not sure what it is about this series of books, but it’s one that I love to read and re-read from time to time. I’m also making my way through Growing Slow by Jennifer Dukes Lee. This was an optional read for my Spiritual Formations class in seminary, and at the time, it didn’t resonate with me. However, I’ve been drawn to it for my current season, and it’s been a light read for deeper things I’m contemplating right now. On my Kindle, I’m reading Bearing God’s Name: Why Sinai Still Matters by Carmen Joy Imes. I wrote my final research paper for the summer quarter on the original church split – the parting of the ways between Gentiles and Jews. I’m deeply intrigued by what healing this schism could mean for the modern church. This book is my attempt to continue pulling on this thread of thought. Finally, I’m listening to When Church Stops Working by Andrew Root. I happened across an interview with him on the Pastor Writer podcast, and it helped me put words to what I feel I’m observing in the church, especially among the denominations. I’ve enjoyed listening to the book while I workout and walk each day.

Watching: My favorite way to end the day is actually not with a book these days. It’s with a show. I said I’d never put a TV in my room, but here I am never evering like I never evered before and am thankful for it. My husband and I are currently making our way through the Castle series again. We’re almost done, and the final season is just as big a letdown as it was the first time through (ha!). Nevertheless, I drift to sleep most nights with Castle’s antics in the background, and I’m glad for it!

Listening to: I’ve been really enjoying the Pastor Writer podcast. I’ve been picking episodes at random, and I’ve enjoyed these the most: Austin Carty – Your Permission to Read More, Andrew Root – When Church Stops Working, and Daniel Grothe – The Power of Place. I like this podcast because it really digs into the cultural relevance of the gospel and you hear from people wrestling with how to “do church” in our individual contexts.

Cooking: I signed my secondborn up for a cooking class on Monday nights through Outschool. He’s been cooking our dinner, and I have to say this is one of my favorite decisions to date. He’s incredibly talented and adept in the kitchen, so I can literally sit down and read a book while he cooks dinner. It’s pretty phenomenal.

Dreaming about: I’ve been dreaming about painting my kitchen cabinets this color, and pondering the colors I’m ready to layer onto our walls. When we bought our house in 2020, we went with Agreeable Gray throughout the entire house because I wasn’t sure how I wanted to “live in” the house. Plus I was pregnant, it was 2020, and I just couldn’t be creative with all that needed to be done at the time. However, the Agreeable Gray is about as boring as leftover buttered noodles. I’m ready to get to work coloring our home the Dutton way. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anticipating: I’m turning 40 in November, so I’ve really been thinking about how I want to mark the time. I’ve asked for a new camper and a road trip. Not quite as epic as this one, but pretty close. We’ll see if the hubby can swing it!

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